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Episode 18 ..::.. Much To The Chagrin

Syracuse to the ACC, much to the chagrin of Tony Sometimes and the Cincinnati Bearcats. A rational discussion of the dramatic change of athletic life for the Syracuse Orange and all their fans and alumni in the northeast. Also, Dandy Aaron D recounts the time he spotted the first bear come out of hibernation at Yellowstone. It seems as though every month is mad like March nowadays.

Episode 18 ..::.. Much To My Chagrin

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Links Mentioned In This Episode:

.::. ACC addition of Syracuse & Pitt fuels concerns over...
.::. Jim Boeheim talks about moving to the ACC (video)
.::. Seneca Falls man arrested in Mark's Pizzeria burglaries
.::. Wounded grizzly kills hunter in Montana
.::. Dandy spots the first bear out of hibernation at Yellowstone (photo)
.::. NY Prosecutor 'Spanked' by AG's Office for S&M Gig
.::. Rocky IV  (iMDB)
.::. Rocky 4: Final Scene (video)
.::. My husband is gonna kill me for uploading this (hilarious photo)
.::. Dachshund in Chain Mail (photo)
.::. Mr. Tucker Burns (photo)
.::. Mr. T Needs Work (video)
.::. Midget Badger Hole

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  1. new challenge: dandy aaron spends 10 minutes in a box with 2 badgers

  2. I’m pretty sure I can handle 3 to 4 badgers

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