The Sauce

Episode 28 ..::.. The Longtalking Producer

This week in the Sauce Tony Sometimes gives you his top 6 tips for trimming your Christmas tree. Also, a podcast primer, some Name That Tune, an ever-informative Stu's News, Dandy bans not one, but two Facebook friends, and Tony's daughter makes her podcasting debut. If you like Christmas, naming tunes, and podcasts by 6-year-olds, this is the episode for you.

Episode 28 ..::.. The Longtalking Producer

Warning: Some Explicit Content

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.::. The Brady Bunch, Adios Johnny Bravo (IMDb)
.::. Greg Brady's Epic Fail as Johnny Bravo (video)
.::. Beyond Pod (Android App)
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.::. Killer Whale vs. Shark (video)
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