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Episode 33 ..::.. Where Are You Banana Sam?

We head into the New Year a man down in the studio on the 2nd day of 2012.  A recap of the New Year's Eve Ball Drop atop Antonina's in Seneca Falls, Saucey Joe's impressions of Twitter after a month on board and the world-wide search for Banana Sam as he flees the humans that confined him.
Episode 33 ..::.. Where are you Banana Sam?
Warning: Some Explicit Content
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Links Mentioned in this Episode:
.::. Antonina's NYE Ball Drop Webcast
.::. Boston - Foreplay/Longtime
.::. Dion Waiters on Twitter!/dionwaiters3
.::. Joe Theory on Twitter!/joetheory
.::. The Simple Twist on Twitter!/thesimpletwist
.::. The J Nice on Twitter!/thejnice
.::. The Simple Twist (website)
.::. Banana-Sam OK, but not ready to go back on display
.::. True Grit (2010) IMDb
.::. Win Win (2011) IMDb
.::. WhoNu? Cookies


Episode 11 ..::.. You’re kind of a weird bird

It's the longest Sauce Pod ever! Got an hour and twenty minutes? Settle into it this week and you'll hear some MTV reflections on the "music" television network's 30th birthday, listener mail, a brand new segment for you fans of classic literature, and of course, Google Plus!

Footprints Under The Window

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Links mentioned in this episode:

.::. Warrior Dash
.::. November Rain by Guns 'n' Roses (video)
.::. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
.::. Burning Heart by Survivor (video)
.::. If This Is It by Huey Lewis & The News (video)
.::. Do You Believe in Love? by Huey Lewis & The News (video)
.::. Wicked Game by Chris Isaak (video)
.::. Hot For Teacher by Van Halen (video)
.::. Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy (video)
.::. High Rollers by Ice T
.::. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne & Randy Rhodes (video)
.::. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (video)
.::. The Girl Is Mine by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
.::. Ebony & Ivory by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder (video)
.::. Chubby Checker & The Fat Boys Do The Twist (video)
.::. Saucey Joe's Tesla Poster (image)
.::. Keurig Coffee Maker
.::. Episode 05 ..::.. It;s Gotta Be A Demont's Special with Ax Nasty
.::. Gone Baby Gone IMDB Page
.::. The Sauce Pod on Facebook
.::. Jay Pharoah does Denzel Washington I (video)
.::. Jay Pharoah does Denzel Washington II (video)
.::. Adrienne LaValley, Seneca Falls, NY
.::. Rhea Perlman IMDB Page
.::. I can feel it... In my plums (video)
.::. Google Plus... Don't Fight It (video)


Episode 07 ..::.. What Do You Know About…

This week in The Sauce... Dandy Aaron D recaps his trip to Boston to see Jewish hip-hop artist, Matisyahu. A timely topic, news that the charges were dropped against Emily Good, the woman who was arrested for video taping Rochester Police during a traffic stop in her neighborhood last month. Also, a back-and-forth between Tony Sometimes and Dick Vitale on Twitter leads to a lively discussion of the merits of the Big East Conference vs. the ACC. You know it's June when they're talkin' College Hoops!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

.::. Matisyahu
.::. Emily Good Video Tapes Rochester Police (video)
.::. Rochester Police Ticket Cars at Emily Good Support Meeting (video)
.::. Penguins For Sale!
.::. New Guinea Tribe Sees and Meets White Man for First Time (video)
.::. Harness the power of Feedback Loops (Wired)
.::. Google Cars Drive Themselves in Traffic (NY Times)
.::. Dick Vitale's Twitter Account!/DICKIEV
.::. Tony Sometime's Twitter Account!/thejnice
.::. The Sauce Pod's Twitter Account!/thesaucepod

No show next week due to the 4th of July. We'll be back in two weeks. Enjoy the holiday weekend!